GroovyNotes Beta
GroovyNotes allows you to send browser-to-browser instant messages and share pages with others by sending them directly from your browser to theirs. Drag and drop links onto pictures of your friends.

Use GroovyNotes if: If your instant messenger is blocked by a firewall, try GroovyNotes. GroovyNotes works through all school firewalls and corporate firewalls. Instant messenger blocked? It operates using only the standard HTTPS port 443, and will get around any instant messenger firewall, IM firewall, instant messaging firewall, MSN firewall, AIM firewall, ICQ firewall, AIM block. It will get through firewalls if you are blocked. Try GroovyNotes if you are behind an instant messenger firewall.

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Works great to get through firewall if you are blocked by a firewall. IM through messenger firewall, MSN messenger firewall, instant messanger blocked.